russia is a terrorist country

On 24 February 2022 at 5am russia launched a dastardly full scale attack on Ukraine. It was the most shocking and brutal event of the entire civilised world since the Second World War. Today, Ukrainians are being helped by Western militaries and politicians, volunteers and ordinary people from dozens of countries around the world to resist russian aggression.

Living far away from Ukraine, it is important to know about all the ways you can support people under attack from a murderous, terrorist country. These include donations to the Ukrainian army and humanitarian missions, refugee aid, unity actions, information and media support. However, there is another way to support Ukraine.

Renaming streets and squares

After russia invaded Ukraine, the consultancy group One Philosophy, together with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, launched a campaign called Ukraine Street, urging foreigners to change the names of streets where russian embassies or consulates are located to “Ukraine Street”. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called the campaign part of an attempt to “isolate russia”.

Calls to change the names of these streets do work and, most importantly, bring the results Ukraine needs. After all, the more streets are renamed after Ukraine, the more Ukraine is in the limelight and the harder it is for foreigners to forget that help is needed to fight the aggressor here and now.

Albania – Free Ukraine Street