The main thing from the explanation of the authorities
The Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs has issued a detailed explanation of how entry restrictions for Russians will work. They went into effect the day before, on August 18.

▪️It is forbidden to enter Estonia for people who are going there for tourism, business, holiday or to rent a property.

▪️It is allowed for those visiting close relatives (children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, spouse) to attend their wedding, anniversary celebrations or funerals, as well as those with a residence permit.

▪️Transit through Estonia to other EU countries is allowed. It is also possible to enter Estonia through other EU countries.

▪️ People who are not allowed to enter will be turned away at the border. However, visas will not be revoked; they will remain valid.

▪️ Restrictions are imposed at all Estonian border points, including airports and ports.

▪️ How long the restrictions will remain in effect is unknown. “Until the government of the Republic of Estonia decides to abolish them,” the Ministry of the Interior said on its website.

▪️ Whether Russians who have real estate in Estonia will be allowed in is unclear. It “depends on circumstances,”.