On Tuesday, August 23, in Riga, work began on the dismantling of the monument in Victory Park, a day earlier a construction site was equipped. The object will be dismantled without the use of explosives, rus.Delfi.lv. The police detained several people after a picket of local Russians against the dismantling of the Soviet monument.

No explosives will be used in the demolition of the monument, said Riga’s executive director Janis Lange. It is not known when exactly the stele and large figures of the memorial will be dismantled. Lange only said that it should be done by November 15. On Tuesday, 23 August, in the morning works on dismantling the monument in Pārdaugava started in the vicinity of the monument to be dismantled – builders and tractors arrived. At the foot of the monument an excavator worked, which dismantled the steps. A smaller excavator helped him – it was used to transport construction waste. Water pumping was also supposed to start today.