No sooner had the toxic Russia Today been banned in Europe than respectable Euronews picked up the banner of Russian propaganda. The narratives of the Russian Federation, which are pouring into the ears of the citizens of 135 countries, are now much more dangerous than when they were heard in the stories of hatchet TV pundits.

While the Europeans are arguing about the limits of what is acceptable in banning Schengen visas for citizens of the Russian Federation, the RF narratives are being poured into the ears of EU citizens (and 135 countries in total) from a source that they are used to trust – Euronews TV channel. Alfred Koch, a Russian oppositionist living in Germany, has drawn attention to this in particular.

For example, the Russian version of Euronews broadcast the following news: “The Russian Army has almost completely captured Bakhmut,” “The Ukrainian Army continues shelling residential areas of Donetsk,” “Two thousand AFU soldiers were killed in one day by Russian artillery shelling of Soledar,” “In Berdyansk there are lines at the passport offices of those wishing to obtain Russian citizenship,” “In Mariupol Russian construction workers together with local residents restore the city, Russia allocates billions of rubles for this,” and so on.

Considering that the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine has already officially addressed the Euronews management with a statement about the incorrectness and bias of their materials promoting Russian narratives against Ukraine, such news looks like at least a spit in the face of Kiev. Especially against the background of the response of the European editorial board of the TV channel to the Ukrainian regulator. In particular, it said that “providing objective, unbiased news to audiences has been and remains the goal of Euronews in all of its language editions.”

“Unbiased and objective.”

Unfortunately, even the simplest five-day monitoring (August 15-19, slots from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.) of a foreign TV channel with the largest coverage shows that Euronews continues to work for the Kremlin propaganda objectives: the selection of materials, texts and the overall position of the Russian-language editorial team looks not just biased, but openly pro-Russian. Moreover, there is strong support for Russian aggression.