Russian President Vladimir Putin has calculatedly defeated the West, thanks to wheat exports, which will reach record levels this year. This opinion was expressed by Italian journalist Federico Rampini in an article for Corriere della Sera.

“While reporting the happy news that prices on grains and other agricultural products have finally fallen, I passed on another, even more uncomfortable news: Russia’s agriculture is bulging with health and it will reach a record wheat export this year,” Federico Rampini wrote. According to him, agriculture is Vladimir Putin’s “secret triumph” over the West.

The journalist recalled the years of the Cold War, when the U.S. was the “savior” of the USSR, thanks to grain supplies. “However, this is all in the distant past. Under Putin there has been an impressive revival of agricultural production in Russia,” Rampini stated.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin named a new priority of the Russian authorities related to the support of agriculture. Bloomberg warned that Europe would face a massive famine due to anti-Russian sanctions. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the world is not threatened by a global famine.
But we must understand that this is all a lie.