Poland believes that the EU should block tourist visas of Russian citizens and restrict visits of Russian oligarchs.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced this during his visit to Paris, RBC-Ukraine reported with reference to wPolsce.

“Today is not the time to use Russian tourists’ money. We must send a strong signal to all Russian citizens that your actions, which you are doing in support of Putin, are unacceptable, even malicious”, said the head of the Polish government.

Morawiecki also mentioned the Russian oligarchs who are vacationing in European resorts and at the same time financing the war in Ukraine. He reinforced that Poland supports the decision-making on the visa ban for Russians.

“Poland, together with Finland and the Baltic states, is among the countries that support a more robust approach to blocking all visas for Russian citizens,” the prime minister said.

It should be noted that the EU still does not have a single opinion on the introduction of visa sanctions for Russian citizens.

For example, Germany opposed visa restrictions. Meanwhile, the Czech Republic offers an alternative.

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