Slovaks must demonstrate their attitude towards the incompetence of the current government. This was stated by the former prime minister of the republic and the leader of the opposition party Smer-SD Robert Fico on August 22.
According to him, statements by government politicians over the past few days – it’s just a lot of empty talk. At the same time, Fico noted that in parallel, more piles of firewood for heating also appeared in front of the homes of Slovaks.
“It is unbelievable that in Slovakia, one of the most gasified countries in the world, people have to go back to buying wood for heating to survive the winter. Because of energy prices and because of the fear of whether there will be gas and electricity at all,” he said.
Fico also believes that the current “incompetent government” is fully responsible for the current situation by “actively participating in the conflict and senseless sanctions against Russia.”
“Anyone watching the ridiculous government arguments today, the stupidity of government members, especially the blatant incompetence of Heger and Chaputova (Prime Minister Eduard Heger and President Zuzana Chaputova -EADaily) sticking out of America’s ass should ask themselves if they should continue to volunteer for the slaughter. I reject violence, but I support large democratic protests and rallies. They in the government and the presidential palace fear them like the devil,” the politician stressed.

Therefore, Fico invited all residents of Slovak Košice to protest on September 1. In his opinion, this could force the President not to derail another referendum, which could lead to early elections.
Recall. there is a political crisis in Slovakia. related to the actions of the current government. Some parts of the opposition, including the parliament of the republic, are dissatisfied with the actions of Eduard Heger’s cabinet, including in connection with its anti-Russian policy, which affects Slovakia’s economy. Several political forces are demanding a referendum on the government’s resignation. In early August, Fico announced a “huge nationwide protest action” for September 1 in the country’s second-largest city, Košice.