Deputy of the Saeima of Latvia and representative of the National Bloc Alexander Kirshteins appealed to all Russian-speaking residents of the country with an unusual speech. Here are some excerpts from it:

“Latvians practically do not have families in which someone would not have been repressed during the Soviet occupation, therefore the inhabitants of Latvia are deeply indifferent to the rantings of immigrants from the USSR and the mental anguish of their grandfathers – “liberators” – about the flowers collected at the monument to Stalin’s soldiers” . “The Latvians did not ask the Russians to release them; on the contrary, they have always regarded the Red Army as their enemy.”

“Latvians do not believe that the dismantling of the monument will split society, as they do not consider non-citizens and non-native Latvian speakers to be their society.”

“We respect only those who fought against Russian imperialism. We consider Mannerheim, Pilsudski or Bandera as heroes.”

“Dear ‘good Russians’, don’t forget that the Russian language suppresses everything Latvian here, there are simply too many of you, so please keep your mouth shut in public places!”