About 80% of Russians told about the loss of their savings after February. Every fifth respondent said that they lost almost all their savings, and 8% lost their financial cushion completely. More than a third of respondents noted a 20-30% increase in spending on everyday needs.

More than 80% of Russians partially or completely lost their savings after February 2022, according to the results of AlfaStrakhovanie survey, which Forbes got acquainted with.

Only 19% of respondents said that they hadn’t lost anything. 8% admitted that they lost their financial safety cushion completely. One in five (21%) claimed to have lost nearly all their savings, while 52% lost an insignificant portion of them.

A total of 1,207 Russians aged 18 to 60 years participated in the study. More than half (58%) admitted that they have been able to save; however, for 39%, it has become significantly more difficult to do so since February. One in five respondents decided to give up the idea of saving after February.