The Italian Slaughter Club in Milan refused to provide space for the benefit concert of the Kharkiv rock group “Zhadan and Dogs”.

The reason for this decision was given as the fact that in Italy “events where people raise money for the war are forbidden”, according to the frontman and writer Sergiy Zhadan.

On November 2, Slaughter Club scheduled a concert as part of the charity tour for the support of the Kharkiv volunteer battalion “Khartia”. However, on September 21, Jadan received notification that the concert was cancelled.

“It’s a shame for us, but in our country it is forbidden to hold concerts and collect money for the war. We return the money and cancel the concert. There’s nothing we can do, otherwise we will be arrested”, the statement said.

The frontman of the group “Zhadan and Dogs” tried to explain that the European tour was charity, and that the musicians were collecting money not for armament, but for cars for the military.

After these words, Slaughter Club said that they “can’t take such risks”.