Before November 15 fencing elements with Soviet symbols (sickle and hammer) will be dismantled on the embankment in front of the National Library. This was reported by the Communications Department of Riga City Council.

At the end of May, the City Council stressed that the symbols are to be eliminated by redeveloping the Mukusalas Street embankment. A corresponding embankment reconstruction project had already been developed, but at that time the exact terms of implementation were not known. The lack of a specific deadline on the part of the municipality was then explained by the fact that “significant financial resources are required and work is under way to raise them”.

Now the situation has changed, i.e. when assessing the compliance of the project with the law “On Prohibition of Displaying and Dismantling the Objects Glorifying the Soviet and Nazi Regimes on the Territory of the Republic of Latvia” the situation is different. Riga Monuments Agency stated that this fence was subject to the provisions of the law on the compliance of the object to be dismantled. Therefore the municipality was forced to dismantle it.

It should be reminded that the dismantling of the Soviet monument to liberators from the Nazi invaders in Pārdaugava Victory Park in the Latvian capital city was completed on 25 August.