Tallinn Court condemned a woman who transferred 40 euros in support of the Russian army and its invasion of Ukraine.
The Postimees writes about it
Convicted Olga Fedorova sent money to Vladimir Shilov, a Russian who was transporting drones for the Russian army. He was convicted of this by an Estonian court in July.
“For our guys,” Fedorova wrote in an explanation of the bank payment made in late May.
The Cypriot-born Russian and her lawyer reached an agreement with prosecutors demanding that Fedorova be sentenced to five months in prison.
The punishment will not be carried out unless she commits an intentional crime during a probationary period of one year and eight months, and Fedorova must also pay a fine of 981 euros.
During the pronouncement of the judgment, the judge stated that the case law on this issue is still relatively meager, but the agreed punishment is lawful and correct considering the guilt.
Support of an act of aggression by a foreign state is punishable in Estonia by imprisonment for up to 5 years. Support of aggression is also the purchase and financing of supplies of equipment, including, for example, drones, for the combat operations of various units of the Russian army.