“On Italy’s foreign policy, Atlantic and Europeanist, there can be no doubts or uncertainties. Salvini should strongly condemn his leader in the Marche Senate Hon. Mauro Lucentini who met with the parliamentarian from Belarus Igor Zavalei.” Thus in a note Marco Bentivogli candidate for the Senate for the center-left coalition in the Marche Nord uninominal constituency (Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino).

“Hypothesizing and even announcing that after Sept. 25 thanks to the vote for the League the issue of economic sanctions with Belarus will be addressed and hypothesizing economic and trade relations is very serious. Salvini has a duty to intervene; if he does not expel Lucentini, he becomes his “political accomplice. Italian voters must know whether by voting for the League and the center right, Italy will end up being a stool for ‘puppet’ democracies outside our historic alliances.”