Air Moldova airline announced the resumption of flights to Moscow starting from October 1st.

This was announced by the company on September 9, writes “European Truth”.

In the announcement about the resumption of flights, Air Moldova, once a state-owned and now a privatized company, explained that the decision was made after numerous appeals of Moldovan citizens wishing to return home.
In addition, the company noted, the decision to resume flights was due to passenger demands to use tickets purchased during the pandemic and after the closure of airspace in February.

“These circumstances have led to difficulties faced daily by hundreds of our fellow citizens: the need to re-purchase tickets at inflated prices, longer travel times, long and tedious flights with connections. Travel is especially difficult in medical emergencies.

Fast and safe air travel is essential for our citizens.

The resumption of air links with the Russian Federation is a response to the demands of our compatriots,” the company said in a Facebook clarification.
Air Moldova was privatized in 2018, at a time when the de facto leader of Moldova was now wanted oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc.

Since late February, Moldovan airlines have stopped flying to Russian cities and have not resumed flights in that direction since the partial opening of Moldovan airspace.

It was possible to fly from Russia to Moldova or back only with a connection in a country outside the EU, the newspaper NewsMaker specifies. The most convenient connection airports were Istanbul and Yerevan. Turkey and Armenia have not imposed sanctions against Russian airlines, Russian planes still fly there.