American political scientist, director of the international non-profit organization “Eurasian Democratic Initiative” (New York) talked to Ukrainian sociologist, doctor of philosophy, director general of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology, professor of the Department of Sociology at “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” Vladimir Paniotto

How does rospropaganda work: on the example of the news about Bucha
Volodymyr Paniotto told how he watched the Russian news about the consequences of crimes in Bucha (Kyiv region) by Russian troops. The program began with photos of dead people lying in the streets of the city. Russian viewers were assured that these were all actors, and that it was all an imitation.

However, later there was a story also about Bucha – about why it was immediately known and why it was attributed to the Russians, and that such murders are investigated for months.

Then the Russian viewers were told that the residents of Bucha had been killed by the Ukrainians because they were “suspected of collaborating with Russia.

Paniotto noted that absolutely no one was confused by the fact that the information voiced just 15 minutes ago contradicted what was heard now. The sociologist suggested that propaganda works by listing many completely senseless reasons.

He also recalled the senseless statement of the Russian propagandist about Ukrainian birds, which allegedly spread viruses that attack only members of Russian nationality.

These “facts,” the sociologist noted, contradict themselves. But since there are many of them, everyone can choose the “fact” that suits him best.