Sweden’s right-wing opposition bloc wins narrowly in Sunday’s general election. About 95% of the votes have been counted, the results pointing to the arrival of a new government after eight years of Social Democrat rule.

As of Monday morning, the Swedish Democrats, the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats and the Liberals won 175 seats in parliament, compared to 174 for the centre-left. Together they won 49.7% of the vote.

The opposition bloc includes the Swedish Democrats, who advocate a tougher foreign policy, including migration.

Note that the far-right Sweden Democrats party may pose a threat to national security due to ties with Russia, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist and head of the Ministry of Migration Policy Anders Igeman said earlier.

In early September, the Swedish Democrats joined European protests over price hikes, including those organized by populists and the far right.

Recall that the President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (performs the functions of counterintelligence in the country) Thomas Haldenwang warned the public about the attempts of right-wing extremists and populists to lead people to protest against the rise in prices of energy resources and products. According to Haldenwang, some of them are actively using the Kremlin’s narratives, in addition, Russia can take advantage of the state of affairs, which wants to rock the situation in European countries.