Lavrov and Gania met to discuss mutual relations.

The leader of the terrorist organization “Hamas” Ismail Gania met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov to discuss mutual relations. The Embassy of Ukraine in Israel reacted to Gania’s visit.

“Only a country that is killing thousands of children, women and men under the pretext that they are ‘liberating their citizens’ can host the leader of a terrorist organization of the first rank. The world should not sit back and watch all this madness from the sidelines. It is time to start acting, not just talking,” the embassy said.In May, leaders of the anti-Semitic terrorist organization Hamas held a meeting with a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. It discussed bilateral relations between Russia and the movement, as well as the situation in Jerusalem and within the Palestinian Authority. In addition to Abu Marzouk, the Hamas delegation included a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Fathi Hammad, and the former leader of the military wing, Hussam Badran.