In the Czech Republic, a municipal deputy was fined $1,800 for approving the Russian invasion. He called for a nuclear bomb attack on Ukraine
The court in the Czech Republic fined 45,000 crowns ($1,842) to Bruntal city deputy Daniel Makaj for approving the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The reason for the case was several posts on social networks, where Makai calls Russian President Vladimir Putin “handsome”, expresses hope for the demilitarization of “Ukrofascists”, and also offers to strike Ukraine with a nuclear bomb.
“Putin is a real handsome man. I believe that he will be able to disarm the Ukrofascists,” the deputy wrote. “From a strategic point of view, I would use low-yield hydrogen bombs to clear strategic territories and eliminate enemy offensive equipment. will resist.”
The municipal deputy did not agree with the decision of the court. “I don’t believe I live in a state of law,” Makai said after the lawsuit. He immediately appealed the court’s decision.
The mayor of the city of Bruntal, Petr Rys, said that many residents asked to fire Makai, but this was impossible.
The Prosecutor General’s Office and the police of the Czech Republic have previously warned residents that public approval of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the actions of the Russian leadership can be treated as a criminal offense and fall under articles on “approving a committed criminal offense” or “denying, approving, justifying genocide.”