Since the beginning of September, Europe has imported 1.65 million barrels of diesel fuel per day, the highest figure since August 2019.
European countries began to buy diesel fuel more often from suppliers from Asia and the Middle East – in September, imports will reach a three-year high. This was reported by the Reuters agency with reference to the data of the analytical company Vortexa.
Thus, from September 1 to 11, Europe imported 1.65 million barrels of diesel fuel daily, which is the highest figure since August 2019. For comparison, in August, the average daily import of the State Enterprise was 1.46 million barrels.

At the same time, diesel imports from the Russian Federation accounted for 44% of the total volume in September, compared to 51% in August and 60% in July. At the same time, the share of the Middle East in European imports reached 30% against 23% in August.

Imports of diesel fuel from the Middle East for the whole of September are forecast to increase by about 50% to 500,000 bpd, the highest since May 2018. At the same time, imports from Asia will remain generally stable at the level of about 225 thousand b/d, compared to August. But it is more than three times higher than in July and close to the last high of November last year.

We will remind you that during the six months of the war with Russia, Ukraine increased fuel imports 12 times. In August, 709.5 thousand tons of gasoline, diesel fuel and liquefied gas were imported, while in March – only 58.8 thousand tons.