The Prime Minister of Finland: we were naive towards Russia, we must listen to our friends from the Baltic States and Poland

Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin admitted during a debate on Tuesday in the European Parliament that European policy towards Russia was “naive”. – Now we are paying a high price together for our dependence on Russian energy carriers, – she said.

  • The war revealed how important it is for Europe to have its own production of defense equipment and how sensitive we are when it comes to energy. We must admit that we were naive about Russia and were very wrong in our perception of Russia’s actions, – said the Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna Marin, during a debate in the European Parliament.

We should have listened more carefully to our friends from the Baltic countries and Poland, who lived under Soviet rule. Together, we are now paying a high price for our dependence on Russian energy sources, she emphasized.

Prime Minister of Finland: EU needs unity
In her opinion, now more than ever, the European Union needs unity, because Russia uses energy as a weapon against Europe.

Blackmailing our societies with energy carriers is a way to weaken European support for Ukraine and break our unity. Putin should not be able to do this, she said.For Russia, the use of energy carriers for blackmail is a short-sighted strategy. The ongoing energy crisis will simply accelerate Europe’s shift away from Russian fossil fuels. With its war, Russia is destroying its own economy and its future. Russia has broken our trust. Even if the war ended today, our trust would not be restored for a long time, – said Marin.

Prime Minister of Finland on the energy crisis
In her opinion, the availability and price of energy carriers is one of the most important issues that the EU must solve in the coming months and years.

“Together we must do everything possible so that our citizens and businesses can cope with the coming autumn and winter,” she added.In the short term, we have to find all possible means to ensure the supply of energy and reduce its prices. (…) In the medium and long term, the only way out of the energy crisis is significant investment in renewable and emission-free energy production, joint European transmission networks and storage technologies. We must abandon Russian fossil fuels as soon as possible, Sanna Marin emphasized.

At the end of the speech, the Finnish Prime Minister said that “Russia can challenge us, blackmail and threaten us, but we will not give up.”Russia’s aggressive war was the reason for the application of Finland and Sweden to join NATO. The membership of our countries in NATO will strengthen the security of the entire Northern Europe and strengthen the Alliance. Russia’s actions have united the West like never before, and Russia is lonelier than ever, she said.