The “Aquarius” group of companies, which is engaged in the development, assembly and supply of computer equipment, was included in the sanction list. Its assets in the US will be completely frozen, and Americans will not be able to do business with the company and legal entities in which it owns a share of 50% or more. By October 15, American businessmen must close any operations with “Aquarius”. The sanctions also apply to the developers of MCST processors (“Elbrus” processors) and “Baikal Electronics” (“Baikal” processors), developers of microcircuits and security systems JSC NVC “Elvis”, manufacturer of printed circuit boards “Yadro FAP Dubna”, manufacturer of microcircuits JSC “Angström” “, as well as the “Element” group, which is a joint venture of Rostec and JSC “Sistema” in the field of microelectronics.

Thus, the US authorities are strengthening restrictions in the defense and high-tech industry, as well as control over the export to Russia and Belarus of equipment, software, and quantum technologies that “support the military machine.” It is assumed that the new measures will prevent the Russian Federation from renewing its armed forces. We previously reported that the Russian office of Philips is selling the domain.