The international organization Reporters Without Borders has asked the French broadcasting regulator ARCOM to order the French satellite television operator Eutelsat to stop broadcasting three Russian TV channels that distribute Kremlin military propaganda. This is stated on the website of the organization.
“France cannot tolerate a situation where operators under its jurisdiction contribute to the Kremlin’s military propaganda in violation of their legal obligations. France’s broadcasting regulator can put an end to this situation and we urge it to act without delay,” the statement said. Reporters Without Borders.
The organization stressed that they are talking about channels Rossiya 1, Channel One and NTV, “which are the main components of the Russian military propaganda machine” and are broadcast through Eutelsat to 15 million viewers
The organization’s request to ARCOM is accompanied by a detailed report with many excerpts from programs broadcast by three Russian propaganda TV channels.
Reporters Without Borders said that the content broadcast by these Russian media incites hatred against the Ukrainian population, calls for mass extermination, the killing of leaders, and even incitement to genocide, which is contrary to French law.
The organization emphasized that these three channels are broadcast by a French satellite television operator, which means that they fall under the jurisdiction of France and, in particular, are subject to supervision by ARCOM in accordance with the French broadcasting law of 1986.