Italian voters anticipate that the center-right will win this Sunday’s, September 25, legislative elections. They expect continued support from the nation for Ukraine.

What do the results of the election mean to the Italians, and what does Ukraine have to do with it?

A revision of the EU sanctions on Russia has been demanded by controversial right-wing extreme leaders in Italy, including Matteo Salvini. The far-right and neo-fascist movements have historically supported Putin in EU nations.

The far right is supported by those who are unhappy with the direction of domestic politics, putting the blame on the left, which held the reins of power between 2013- 2018 before national unity government rule.

It is important to note that Italians have a negative perception of their politicians. There are multiple trends going on at the same time:

  • Not all Italians have made up their minds yet; the majority are likely to support Georgia Meloni, leader of the “Brothers of Italy” party.
  • Unluckily, some Italians believe that if the right-wing gains power, relations with Ukraine may worsen.
  • Those who haven’t made up their minds will probably vote for the poll leader.

However, in terms of foreign policy, Italians who lean right are in favor of continuing to help Ukraine in the war with Russia.

“Italy now offers Ukraine significant help, both militarily and economically. According to polls, the right-wing forces will win. Given that Orban (Hungarian prime minister – 24) and other European far-right figures are supported by right-wing elements in Italy, I believe that ties between Ukraine and that country may deteriorate. Putin is good friends with Orban and the Italian right-wing leaders Salvini and Berlusconi. If the right parties win, then, I’m sorry, Italy can pull back from Ukraine”, the man remarked.

As a result of Putin’s aggression, many people in Italy emphasize the significance of Europe’s support for Ukraine.

“If the right wins, the European front may crack. Some observers believe that the victory of the right in Italy will spread this trend to Europe. Therefore, Europe’s support for Ukraine may weaken,” one of the respondents suggested.