The German federal government supports Ukraine in its defense campaign against Russia more intensively than is publicly acknowledged, including sharing intelligence.
This is reported by Spiegel.
The Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has been providing Ukraine with classified information from the war zone as part of a secret operation since the beginning of summer. Among the more than a hundred messages received by the Ukrainian special services were also satellite images and information about Russian positions obtained from intercepted negotiations.
Cooperation between the BND and the Ukrainian special service was confirmed in security circles. In April, special technical materials for secure data transmission were delivered to Kyiv.
However, the government district of Berlin emphasizes that the transmitted information is not “directly” suitable for Ukrainian attacks on Russian troops. Instead, photographs of Russian positions or details of ammunition depots in Russian-occupied territories served to give Ukrainians a better idea of ​​the situation.
Just in case, the BND asked a judge to review the legality of the sensitive aid operation. The relevant legal opinion referred to “the admissibility of transferring targeted information to Ukraine”.
The military uses the term “targeting” to refer to preparations for attacks on military targets. The legal opinion stated that the transfer of information to the BND would not automatically make Germany a party to the war. Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to avoid this at all costs.