Yesterday, German police with the prosecutor’s office searched the apartment of a 30-year-old Russian woman in Landshut, Germany. Her name is Yulia Prokhorova. She often publishes videos inciting hatred against Ukraine on her TikTok. On October 10th she used a video of the missile strike on Dnipro to create a “funny song” intimidating Ukraine and celebrating Russian terror. Previously she has often appeared on Russian state TV, sharing the narratives of Kremlin propaganda about Europe.

Now she is suspected of having repeatedly promoted and glorified the Russian aggression against Ukraine on her social networks since May 2022. Three smartphones and a laptop were taken from her as physical evidence. The police reported this on their official page on Twitter.

Currently Prokhorova is in Germany without a valid residence permit because of the call for violence against Ukrainians. The relevant law enforcement agencies are considering the possibility of deporting her back to Russia.

Today we see that the German police is actively investigating the actions of Russians in Europe, regarding their call to  violence and glorification of the war against Ukraine.

Another example: on October 10, just after the horrific missile strikes on Ukraine (11 killed and wounded at least 87 civilians), a Russian woman filmed a video in which she asked Putin to hit Dresden in Germany (where at that time was a Ukrainian rally). Later she was identified, her name is Alyona Dirksen.

The next day, the German police in Saxony immediately set about checking the video. The investigation is currently ongoing. And that was not the first time when Alyona has made and shared hate videos against Ukraine and Ukrainians.

The stories of these characters are not over yet. However, something is clear: this will happen to anyone who glorifies Russia’s war against Ukraine. Because not only Putin is responsible for the war in Ukraine, but all citizens of the Russian Federation around the world. They are not victims of a regime that is committing genocide against Ukrainians. They are accomplices. And sooner or later they will bear responsibility for it.