After the pseudo-referendums in the occupied territories of Ukraine, there were reports that a number of regions of Russia joined the flash mob, conducted similar polls and spoke in favor of returning to their historical homelands: Kralovets (ex-Kaliningrad) to the Czech Republic, Irkutsk to Poland, and Kamchatka to Italy. Soon there will be results for Sakhalin and the Kuril chain of islands, which historically were part of the Northern territories of Japan, therefore President Zelensky prudently recognized them as belonging to the “land of the rising sun”. 

The beginning of this parade of referendums was laid by the “plebiscites” in the occupied territories of Ukraine, which Russia held for the annexation of the regions. Immediately after the Russian “referendums”, an equally legitimate manifestation of will took place in the former Kaliningrad region, now known as the Kralovetskyi kraj: 97.9% of the population voted for joining Czechia.

We have to remind you that Kralevec (Königsberg) was once founded by order of the King of Bohemia (currently Czechia).

This event caused a real storm of positive reactions, among them: the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs began to urgently look for maritime border specialists, the Baltic countries welcomed a new member of the club of Baltic countries – the Czech Republic, the Navy of the country begins laying the aircraft carrier Karel Gott and two beer pipelines – Beer Stream 1 and Beer Stream stream 2, a site was quickly created to get to know the Kralovetskyi region, and Zuzana Kaputova – the president of Slovakia – said that she might visit the new territory of the neighboring state. Or maybe she won’t.

The Poles, who welcomed with sincere joy the fact that now they will not have borders with Russia, did not sit still either. Remember those thousands of Polish immigrants, who were deported to Siberia by order of the Russian tsars in the 19th century? The idea of Irkutsk to return back caused considerable enthusiasm, 98.13% of the region’s residents voted for inclusion in Poland, and as a result, a new Irkutsk Voivodeship was created. Polish Railways announced the launch of the new Warsaw-Moscow-Irkutsk route to make it easier for new citizens to connect with the European part of mother Poland.

In the photo: the reconstructed train station in Irkutsk

Somewhat unexpectedly, Kamchatka almost unanimously, with 99% of the votes, determined its fate: now it will be part of Italy! The decision was made for the obvious reason that this ex-Russian peninsula is a real second Italy: the same long coast, mountains in the interior, volcanoes, seafood, and most importantly – the capital, which is called purely Italian: Pietro i Paulo . 

In honor of the accession, Italy announced the creation of a new official dish: Spaghetti alla Kamciatkese. 

Events develop so quickly that it is very difficult to keep up with them. Currently, it is known that the Jewish Autonomous Oblast has joined … Israel, of course. Austria accepted a large part of Yakutia. Announcements about the transfer of Sakhalin to Japan are expected from day to day, etc. 

The situation is constantly updated. Wait for new messages and follow the development of events. Current map, as of October 15, 2022: