The petition with the demand to ban Russian citizens from carrying out creative professional activities in Ukraine received the necessary 25 thousand votes, and now it must be considered in the Office of the President. The appeal was made on behalf of the “creative community: film and theater actors, producers, directors and other representatives of the cultural sector.”
To prohibit citizens of the Russian Federation from working in the field of cinematography, television, radio broadcasting, theater, and culture in Ukraine in general. Prohibit the broadcast of films, series and any other visual content with the participation of Russians or created in the Russian Federation on Ukrainian TV channels. Limit the distribution of Russian books, plays and any other works of art on the territory of Ukraine. Also, the authors of the petition emphasize that it is necessary to increase the amount of Ukrainian content on television, in theaters, on the radio, and in the field of cinematography.
In July, the Verkhovna Rada voted for a law banning Russian music in Ukrainian media and public space for the period of the liberation of all occupied Ukrainian territories and the cessation of aggression by the Russian Federation. These are radio, television, entertainment facilities, public transport (communal and private carriers), educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, cinemas and other public spaces. Also, according to the law, Ukrainian songs must make up at least 40% of the total content spread per day on television and radio (previously it was 35%). Also, in the summer, Ukraine adopted a law banning the import of books from Russia, Belarus, and temporarily occupied territories. In addition, this law establishes that books in Ukraine must be published and distributed in the state language or in the languages ​​of the indigenous peoples of Ukraine and in the official languages ​​of the EU (Russian is not included in these lists). More than 40% of Ukrainians stopped watching Russian TV series and listening to Russian music. In total, almost 60% of Ukrainians had not listened to Russian music in the six months since February 24, a figure that has increased almost fivefold since the start of the full-scale war. At the same time, a quarter of respondents continued to consume Russian content as before.