President of Poland Andrzej Duda once again admired the courage of Ukraine in confronting the Russian occupation army. According to him, if Ukrainians show weakness or unwillingness to fight, Poles may become the next target of “denazification”.
He stated this in an interview with RAI TV channel. The politician stressed that Poland intends to assist the Ukrainian population and the Armed Forces with all its forces and resources.

“Today Ukraine opposes Russian imperialism, which has brought a lot of troubles to our people. We will continue to provide support to Ukrainians, including refugees, who are now at the expense of our taxpayers. The Head of the European Parliament, unfortunately, does not provide us with the funding we expected, which we undoubtedly deserve, I understand that in Berlin, Paris and Brussels they cannot imagine that a Russian soldier can come there, rape his wife, daughter and shoot a man in the back of the head, but we, Poles, have experienced this reality,” Duda said.