In Budapest, Hungary, on Friday evening, several hundred people demonstrated against propaganda in media controlled by the government of Viktor Orban, the portal informed. The action was initiated by opposition MP Akos Hadhazi.

Speaking at the rally, historian Cristian Ungvari, stated that Hungarian public television is lying about the Russian-Ukrainian war, and its leaders are not only propagandists, but also supporters of Russian aggression, “second hand war criminals.”

Khadhazi also stated the need for a “hybrid revolution” against the hybrid regime.

“If the propaganda press silences the protests, they should be organized so that the problems become obvious to everyone. This is the essence of strikes, this is the essence of civil disobedience, and this is the essence of demonstrations that block traffic,” he said.

Hungarian authorities have consistently called for an end to EU sanctions against Russia, claiming that they do not work and only harm Hungarians.