Russian troops fled from Kherson, while Ukrainian forces liberated the city, a key one in the south of Ukraine. First, on November 11, the Ukrainian army managed to liberate several towns in the Kherson region, captured by the Russian invading troops in the first weeks of the invasion.

The Ukrainian military freed Beryslav, Stepne, and Myroliubivka in the Kherson region, coming closer to the regional center, as the Ukraine war live map shows on this service, and this one.

Russian troops fled from Kherson

Russian troops have finished their withdrawal from Kherson. Mass looting demonstrated that the Russians do not plan to return to Kherson when they finally escape from the city. The invaders have also tried to forcibly deport residents. Now there are about 100 thousand Ukrainians left on the right bank of the Dnipro river out of more than 500 thousand before the Russian invasion.

Kherson residents went to the streets of the city waiting for the Ukrainian army, after the Russians fled.

While the Armed Forces of Ukraine were preparing for a new large-scale offensive, Ukrainian artillery is eliminating the Russian headquarters and warehouses on the left bank. In particular, in Kakhovka they hit a building with more than 200 Russians, in Hola Prystan and Oleshky they destroyed warehouses, and in Radensk – a large convoy of equipment that was transported by rail from the Crimea.

The Ukrainian army is attacking in two directions: via Beryslav, recaptured on November 11, to Kherson, and by the road from Mykolaiv to Kherson. 

At the same time, the Russians shelled the village of Novokyivka, which until recently was in the occupied territory. Consequently, the Ukrainian military began to break through in other directions to smash the defense of the Russian invaders. Another area of possible breakthrough was the outskirts of Snihurivka.   

Donetsk region frontline of Russia Ukraine war

The Crimean bridge is still half-destroyed and therefore Russians are unable to provide the necessary supplies to the front. Instead, the railway connection from Volnovakha to Melitopol is extremely dangerous, as Ukrainian positions are only 25 km away, in Vuhledar. That is why the Russian invaders became so violent in this direction. Their goal is to push the Ukrainian army out of Vuhledar and Velyka Novosilka further away from the railway. 

At first, the Russians managed to capture the southeastern part of Pavlivka village, where the Ukrainian first line of defense is located. However, in a few days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a counteroffensive and recaptured Pavlivka. 

At the same time, the Russians are trying to bypass Ukrainian defensive positions from the west and are advancing towards Prechystivka, as well as from the east through Solodke. This is where the heaviest fighting will probably take place in the coming weeks.

In the vicinity of Bakhmut, Russians are trying to break into the town from the south, storming Ivangrad and Opytne. At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have recently counterattacked in this area and pushed the Russians back to Odradivka and Zaitseve. The situation here is dynamic and constantly evolving. 

Attempts by the Russian invaders to advance to Solar and the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut this week were unsuccessful. While the Russian mobilized soldiers are dying by the hundreds in meaningless assaults on Ukrainian redoubts, HIMARS missilees destroyed Russian warehouses in Yasynuvata, Horlivka, and the headquarters in Donetsk.

Luhansk region frontline of Russia Ukraine war

Fighting is getting closer and closer to Svatove. Recently a Russian ammunition depot was destroyed in the town. Along the entire 80 kilometers of the front, from villages near Kupyansk to Kreminna, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are testing the Russian defense and trying to find its weak links.

At the same time, the Russians conducted a successful counterattack and recaptured the villages of Novovodyane and Kovalivka, as well as tried to enter Makiivka, but the Defense Forces stopped them, eliminating a lot of assailants. On the one hand, it was difficult for the Ukrainian Armed Forces to storm the Russian positions, as they built a line of defense along the dominant heights along the left side of the road Kupiansk – Kreminna. However, as soon as the Russian invaders attack Ukrainian forces and go down to the plain, they become extremely vulnerable.

The Russians are trying to push the Ukrainian army further west and south of Kreminna, and therefore attack Bilohorivka and Dibrova. These days bloody battles are taking place in these villages. The Russian invaders have little success. At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to try to drive a wedge between Kreminna and Svatove, advancing in the area of Chervonopopivka.