On Monday, 14 November, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU member states made a decision about the start of the training mission for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Reports European Pravda, quoting Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

“We are united in our support of Ukraine. The best proof of that is that today, we launched the EU Military Assistance Mission with the purpose of training at least 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers. It has been decided, it has been agreed, it has been implemented in record time. I hope that it will start working by the end of this month”, Borrell stated.

Plans are for a first group of nearly 15,000 Ukrainian military personnel to undergo training in Germany, Poland and other EU countries.

The decision about the training mission was made at the meeting of the EU member states’ Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brussels, as reported by the DPA’s sources.

It is expected that a brigade of up to 5,000 Ukrainian soldiers may undergo training within the next few months in Germany. The number of personnel will depend first and foremost on the number of soldiers Ukraine will be able to send for training during the war.