Lithuania will continue to support Ukraine, it will be provided with additional ammunition, Minister of National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas said after the meeting of the State Defense Council (VGT). 

The idea of ​​transferring howitzers or air defense systems to Ukraine was discussed earlier, but it was not approved, LRT reports.

“It has been decided on further forms of support, ammunition necessary for Ukraine will be provided,” A. Anušauskas told journalists on Monday after the meeting of the State Defense Council (VGT).

The minister said that Lithuania’s support to Ukraine exceeds 640 million. EUR, and military support amounts to over 232 million. euros.

According to A. Anušauskas, VGT, while deciding on regional air security issues, decided to speed up the adoption of air defense systems.

“We need to accelerate the acquisition of additional medium-range air defense systems. It was in our plans, it was planned much later, we will just try to bring it closer to the present. Knowing supply and demand, it won’t be that easy to do that, but next year we’ll just initiate the process a few years earlier,” he taught.