NATO countries should start supplying Ukraine with tanks, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis says, LRT reported.

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“NATO is not running low on tanks, nor on tank ammunition. Therefore, if we expand the inventory of what is being sent to Ukraine, then NATO has a chance to keep supplying,” Landsbergis told reporters on Tuesday, before a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Bucharest.

In his words, NATO countries have virtually unlimited ammunition resources for key battle tanks.

Some countries, like Poland and the Czech Republic, have already sent tanks to Ukraine.

Earlier this week, Landsbergis visited Ukraine together with his Baltic and Nordic counterparts.

He said NATO should set itself the goal of both preserving the current energy infrastructure in Ukraine and also rebuilding the destroyed one after it has come under regular Russian fire in recent weeks.

Ukraine needs air defence systems to protect its infrastructure, Landsbergis says, and they need to be deployed immediately.

Meanwhile, transformer stations are needed to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure, and they are available in the Baltic countries, Landsbergis said.

Lithuania has already sent electricity generators and transformers to Ukraine.