NASA Harvest uses satellite imagery to model wheat crop

Helping obtained data, it is possible to draw conclusions about what actually happened in the temporarily occupied territories. Thus, a crop map was developed using an AI model that detects changes in texture and color in satellite images. It shows where crops have been harvested or left unharvested.

According to data obtained by NASA Harvest, about 6 million tons of wheat were harvested in the occupied territories, which in monetary terms is about 1 billion dollars.

According to officials’ estimates, almost a quarter of the entire Ukrainian grain harvest was located in the territories previously occupied by Russia.

The research raises the question of what is happening to those crops. Russian ships have been exporting grain likely taken from occupied areas to countries including Libya and Iran, but it’s difficult to estimate the volumes involved as shippers are obscuring the origin of the cargoes. Russia has denied stealing grain, but officials have publicly touted the resumption of grain shipments from occupied ports.