Every year on December 6, the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is celebrated – a professional holiday of Ukrainian defenders. The Kremlin planned to subdue the Ukrainian army in a few days, but instead, the armed forces are only flourishing, expanding, replenishing and strengthening. And every day more and more Ukrainian land is being liberated from the Russian invaders.

Source: Insight News Media

Composition of the Armed Forces

Types of Armed Forces: Ground Forces, Air Forces, Naval Forces.

Separate branches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Special Operations Forces, Territorial Defense Forces, Logistics Forces, Support Forces, Medical Forces.

Separate subbranches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Airborne assault troops, Communications and cyber security forces.

Specialized forces: engineering ; CBRN; communication ; Radio-electronic warfare.

Armed Forces of Ukraine-2022

Now the Ukrainian military is facing one of the largest armies in the world. The country had eight years of experience in the war in the East. Ukrainian defenders have good motivation and skills.

The whole world sees their resistance and struggle. They are helped by various countries of the world with weapons, financial and humanitarian support.

Ukraine submitted an application to NATO, because the Ukrainian army has already proven that it is worthy of being a member of the military bloc.