State Secretary for Bilateral Cooperation of Hungary’s Foreign Ministry Tams Menzer said that Budapest would not train Ukrainian military on its territory. 

It was informed by Censor.NЕТ referring to “European Truth“.

“Some European countries train Ukrainian military. Hungary does not. We said “no”. We want to move not towards war, but towards peace,” Menzer said on Monday. 

The statement of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry spokesman came amid reports that some states – for example, the Czech Republic – have already started or plan to start training Ukrainian military on their territory.

This is happening within the framework of the European Union mission EUMAM, whose mandate will initially last two years, and the financial benchmark for the total cost for this period will be 106.7 million euros.

The mission will ensure coordination with bilateral measures of member states in support of Ukraine, as well as with other international partners, and will be open to the participation of third countries.

As the EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell reported last week, 20 EU countries are participating in the EUMAM mission, and 1,100 Ukrainian soldiers are already undergoing training in various camps.