Russian and Belarusian citizens applying for Lithuanian residence permits or national visas will be required to answer questions about their views on the Ukraine war, LRT reported.

According to the Migration Department, the special questionnaires will be given to all Russian and Belarusian applicants, but nationals of other countries may also be asked to fill them out.

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Applications will not be accepted if the questionnaire is incomplete or missing, the Migration Department said in a statement on Monday, and the answers will be a deciding factor in granting or denying visas and residency permits.

“A foreigner who wants to come and stay in Lithuania will have to be sincere and open when filling in the questionnaire. They will have to show that they are ready to cooperate with the country that receives them and allows them to stay on its territory,” Migration Department head Evelina Gudzinskaitė said in the statement.

The additional questionnaire has been suggested by the Interior Ministry and the State Security Department, according to the statement.

It includes questions on the applicant’s education, previous jobs, military service, business contacts, contacts with institutions of non-EU states, as well as their attitude towards Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

All Russian and Belarusian citizens aged over 18 will be obliged to fill in the questionnaire while applying a residency permit or extension as well as a national visa.

According to Gudzinskaitė, the questionnaire is intended as an “additional security filter” to identify individuals who may pose threats to Lithuania’s national security.

The Migration Department in Vilnius.

The Migration Department in Vilnius. / BNS

Between January and November, Lithuania issued 3,415 temporary residence permits to Russian citizens and extended 1,250 permits. Last year, the figures were 2,062 and 1,572 respectively.

Meanwhile, temporary residence permits have been issued to 22,890 Belarusian nationals and extended for 5,127. Last year, the figures were 15,318 and 5,232 respectively.

A total of 2,769 national visas were issued to Russian citizens in 2022 and 2,858 in 2021.