The Russian torture chambers designed for children have been found in the liberated territories, Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said on Dec. 14.

“Yes, it’s true,” he said.

“For the first time, we’ve recorded the torture of children. I thought it was impossible to reach a new low after (the massacres in) Bucha, Irpin.”

Lubinets said that he had personally seen two torture chambers in Balakliya, which were located one opposite the other.

One boy had stayed there for 90 days,” he said.

“He said that he was tortured: they (the Russians) cut him with a knife, heated metal and burned a part of his body, several times he was taken out to be shot and they shot over his head. He heard the screams of women and men being tortured around the clock. I thought that was the worst.”

However, according to the ombudsman, they saw even worse in the liberated city of Kherson.

“In one of the torture chambers, we found a separate cell where children were kept,” he said.

“According to the people who were kept there, they knew that there were Ukrainian children next to them. The invaders themselves called it a ‘children’s cell.’ This is a damp room, it differed only in that they threw (on the floor) very thin carpets, saying they were for the kids.”

Lubinets said the children had been given drinking water every other day, with almost no food. In addition, the kids were subject to psychological pressure by the Russians, who said that their parents had “abandoned” them and that they “won’t return” to them.

“One boy was detained while taking a photo of Russian equipment on his mobile phone, and he was kept in a cell and tortured,” the official said.

Lubinets said the Russian military apparently believed that these children were “resisting” the Russian invasion.