Retired Army General, former Chief of General Staff of the Czech Army, Petr Pavel is one of the candidates for the post of president and is an outspoken critic of populist politics, supporting a pro-Western, pro-EU stance for Czechia, and opposing the threat from Russia.

Recently, Czech monitoring missions have discovered a mass distribution of spam messages, which talk about the alleged connection of the candidate with so-called “American lobby.”

In particular, such letters indicated that Pavel was allegedly connected with “American interest groups” that “seek to enslave the Czech Republic.”

“(…) at any cost to push the general to the post of president of the Czech Republic, where he will protect the interests of those who pay for it all… it will definitely not be in the interests of the citizens of the Czech Republic! People, remember this! Hell with them! This is just another tentacle of “American democracy,”– in the reports said.