The US Senate approved a record defense budget for 2023. Its amount is 858 billion dollars, of which 800 million dollars are provided for additional assistance to Ukraine. 

This is reported by Censor.NET with reference to The Hill.

The document provides for the allocation of $45 billion more for defense than was provided for in the budget of the Biden administration. It received bipartisan support in the Senate with a majority vote. 83 senators voted for the budget, 11 against

The budget includes the following expenditure items:

  • $317.3 billion for operation and maintenance (including working capital);
  • $174.5 billion for maintenance of military personnel;
  • $161.3 billion for military procurement;
  • $138.6 billion for research and development;
  • $30.5 billion for activities in the field of atomic energy;
  • $16.5 billion for military construction and family housing.

The draft defense budget, in particular, foresees the allocation of 6 billion dollars to contain Russia in Europe, as well as an additional 800 million dollars to help Ukraine. It also recorded the extension of the ban on US military cooperation with Russia for five years. The document must now be signed by President Joe Biden. Source: