Germany handed over additional missiles for the IRIS-T air defense system, as well as armored vehicles, artillery rounds, and ambulances to Ukraine.

The Bundestag website updated the list of assistance transferred to Ukraine. Germany updates this list weekly. The timing and methods of transfer of weapons and equipment are not specified for safety reasons.

The updated list includes:

  • IRIS-T SLM missiles;
  • 2 units of Bergepanzer 2 ARV;
  • 30,000 rounds of 40mm ammunition;
  • 5,000 155mm artillery rounds;
  • 4 ambulances;
  • 18 8×8 load-handling trucks (Wechselladesystem).

Wechselladesystem trucks were recorded on the German assistance list for the first time.

Приклад роботи гакового кріплення на Wechselladersystem Multi Фото з відкритих джерел

An example of the work of the Wechselladersystem Multi truck hook attachment. Photo from open sources

These are the vehicles with a hook lift system for transporting platforms and containers with equipment or ammunition.

The German Army uses the Wechselladersystem MULTI. The second generation of these vehicles has been armored.

As standard, the vehicle has a flat platform without sides to transport ammunition. Additionally, tarpaulin platforms, water and fuel tanks, and universal containers can be used.

Завантаження боєприпасів на вантажівку Multi. Фото з відкритих джерел

Loading ammunition onto the Multi truck. Photo from open sources

An option with the TransProtec/MuConPers multi-function protected container for personnel transporting is also available.

It was previously reported that Germany was preparing to ship 18 RCH 155 self-propelled guns to Ukraine.

The 155mm gun of the Remote Controlled Howitzer system is equipped with a 52 calibers length barrel. The RCH 155 built on the chassis of the GTK Boxer wheeled armored personnel carrier with a 8×8 wheel arrangement.

Колісна самохідна артилерійська установка «RCH 155» від німецької компанії «Krauss-Maffei Wegmann». Фото з відкритих джерел

The RCH 155 wheeled self-propelled artillery system from the German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann company. Photo from open sources

The system is equipped with an AGM automated artillery module with a gun of the German PzH ​​2000 self-propelled howitzer. The full weight of the vehicle is 39 tons, and the weight of the AGM module is 12.5 tons.

The manufacturer stated that the range of fire is 40 km, and could be up to 52 km with V-LAP projectiles. The self-propelled guns are also capable of using VULCANO and EXCALIBUR long-range projectiles.