The Ukrainian media showed Bakhmut from a bird’s eye view. Russians are constantly attacking the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, and it’s almost destroyed.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the defense in this direction, and the city is becoming the eastern outpost of Ukraine’s resistance to Russian aggression.

Bakhmut almost destroyed by Russian shellings

The Russian invaders are destroying civilian infrastructure with artillery and mortars, trying to unleash street fighting on the outskirts of Bakhmut.

The town of Bakhmut remains one of the hottest spots of the frontline in Donbas. The fighting for the settlement has been going on for months.

Russian invading troops are constantly trying to surround the city, take it in a ring or semi-ring, and attempt to storm Bakhmut and settlements near it. But the Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the attacks and hold the city.

What the town looks like, or what is left of it, was shown in the video below. As we can see, there are almost no buildings not damaged by the shellings. Entire residential areas are destroyed, and Ukrainians have lost everything they have earned throughout their lives.

source InsightNews