“We live in the era of the last days. What is happening in Ukraine will not remain only in Ukraine. There is a holy war.” “Either we will win, or the whole world will be [burnt] in ashes” – the leading propagandist of Russian state television Vladimir Solovyov made such statements in his live TV show.

Solovyov talks about the end of the world and the holy war

After the defeats on the frontline in Ukraine, the adoption of new EU sanctions against Russia, and the inability of the Kremlin to achieve at least some success in its senseless war, the Russian television host Solovyov resorted to threatening the humanity with the end of the world.

The chief TV propagandist of the Putin’s regime called US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky unworthy characters. He also praised former US President Donald Trump and said he was unwanted because he supported traditionalism.

The Russian TV anchor claims that Satanists oppose the Russian Federation and that there can be no negotiations with Satan in Russia.

Solovyov called Macron a demon

Putin’s chief television propagandist also did not forget to mention French President Emmanuel Macron. Solovyov called Macron ‘a demon and a liar’. He also convinces the viewers, brainwashed by his propaganda, that the whole West is satanic and deceitful.

source: InsightNews