The fact that the Russian Red Cross was spotted taking cash, clothing, and military drone supplies for Russia’s war machine has angered the Ukrainians. The Russian Red Cross office in Kamchatka publicly collects supplies for the Russian army.

Kamchatka Red Cross accepts donations for Russian military

Even though the Russian Red Cross explicitly states on its website that it does not gather military supplies or equipment for dual use, at least one of its centers does so.

The Kamchatka Red Cross website discloses that it accepts donations for military troops and their families in support of the Russian #WeTogether campaign, which lists assisting the Russian army as one of its goals, InsightNews reports. They are working with United Russia, a group led by strong Putin friend Dmitry Medvedev.

Australian Red Cross opened a probe into Russian branch’s activity

The Australian Red Cross opened an investigation after the Russian Red Cross was spotted accepting donations of balaclavas, uniforms, and drones for that country’s army, according to The Herald Sun.

Ukrainian community activists in Australia are pleading with the Australian Red Cross to denounce the Russian branch for backing Putin’s brutal war with Ukraine. They also contacted the International Red Cross to withdraw the Russian unit from the Organization.

The Russian brache’s actions, which also include giving money to the armed forces, are believed to have violated one of the foundational principles of the Red Cross, which is neutrality in wars and armed conflicts.

An activist from Ukraine recorded a conversation with the Russian Red Cross about military aid.

In a conversation with Anton Bogdanovych, a Ukrainian community protest organizer in Sydney, the Russian Red Cross representative in Kamchatka suggested that locals assist the troops by bringing supplies to the Organization’s office in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Mr. Bogdanovych contacted to see if the Russian Red Cross would be willing to accept donations for the military. The Red Cross office is a “shared facility where donations are gathered, collected, and put together,” the Russian official said during the call.

Anton requests permission to bring drones and military gear to the Red Cross headquarters. The Russian Red Cross employee replies, “Yes, please send it to their office at Leningradskaya Str., 72, which is a consolidated donation center” from various agencies.

According to Mr. Bogdanovych, the Red Cross performs admirable tasks, including collecting blood and helping individuals impacted by the recent floods in Australia. Community activists from Ukraine were disappointed that despite raising their concerns with the Organization more than two months ago, more was needed.

Russian Red Cross should be expelled from the ICRC – Bogdanovych

He advocated that the Australian Organization and other national Red Cross organizations ought to withdraw the Russian Red Cross from the ICRC and IFRC. He refuted theories that the complicated international structure of the Red Cross made it impossible to take action against the Russian Movement.

The International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent has steadfastly maintained its neutrality in wars for more than 150 years to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need on both sides of the front.

This concept has been ruined by the ties between the Russian Red Cross Society and the Russian government, which led it to collect supplies for the Russian army, such as military needs for underequipped troops and drones used to correct artillery shelling against Ukrainian forces.

The Red Cross participates in the pro-war movement in Russia

The first indications of trouble for the Russian Red Cross came in October when the national headquarters of the humanitarian Organization launched a fundraising initiative to offer humanitarian and psychological support to mobilized soldiers and their families. As it improves the well-being of people at home, this measure goes beyond neutrality and is likely opposed to any growing anti-war sentiment among mothers of troops.

The Russian Red Cross activities are much more biased because they are a part of the nation’s MyVmeste (Russian for “We are together”) program.

Russian Red Cross link to an initiative started by Putin

Putin, the dictator of Russia, initiated a campaign to encourage Russian troops at home by, among other things, sending them food, military supplies, and letters from children. It also collects portable heaters so the Russian invaders can more easily withstand the chilly winter in Ukraine; teaches schoolchildren to assemble military drones that can correct Russian artillery fire in the war. Additionally, they send drawings made by Russian kids to the military as well wishes.

Contrary to claims, the Russian Red Cross welcomes monetary contributions via the MyVmeste platform, supporting financially and politically all initiatives undertaken by MyVmeste to assist the Russian troops. The Red Cross branch in Ukraine supported these initiatives and appealed to its international counterparts to “take strict measures for prevention of such activities” by the Russian Red Cross.

Ukrainian Red Cross: It’s a grave breach of the neutrality principle

The Ukrainian Red Cross headquarters claims that the Russian Red Cross’ credentials have come under scrutiny due to a “severe violation of the principle of neutrality.”

According to the concept of neutrality, no Movement member of the Organization at large should ever choose a side in an armed conflict or be seen as picking a side. The Movement’s neutrality helps persuade the warring parties that helping civilians and combatants wounded or imprisoned does not affect the conflict. The neutrality principle has been broken; even if you are not familiar with the principles of our Movement, the Ukrainian Office informed EuromaidanPress.

We now anticipate the International Red Cross undertaking an immediate and thorough investigation and reaching a firm conclusion about the Russian Red Cross’ blatant breach of neutrality.