Contrary to a popular belief, it’s quite a possible to accomplish. Key players to exclude Russia from UN are China and USA.

China must abstain from veto and accept shared responsibility for facilitating international peace, making US-China condominium in managing world affairs a a real thing. Currently Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council with full veto power, is a rogue state without consequence.

The Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Märt Volmer, said yesterday that the question of excluding the Russian Federation from this body is not a prospect at the moment. “If it really comes to the point of putting this to a vote in the Security Council, then Russia will obviously block it. This is obviously one of the reasons why most countries do not think that this would be a very realistic course of action ” That is, the Vice-chancellor believes that the main problem is Russia’s blocking of this issue.

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