Cyber attacks, particularly those of Russian origin, have been plaguing Ukraine and its critical infrastructure since at least 2014, Bonnemison said. Ukraine has responded by strengthening its cyber defence capabilities, enabling it to carry out “a real revolution, reaching a new level in its cyber defence,” he added

Last December, during a closed-door hearing in the National Assembly, the content of which was made public on Thursday, General Bonnemison explained that Ukraine had been working on its vulnerabilities with Western cyber powers, primarily the United States.

He called this support “crucial” and “bringing Ukrainian standards and procedures closer to Western models”. This makes it possible to quickly share signs of an attack and the first technical means of defending against it, he explained.

On Thursday, General Eimerik Bonnemison praised the resilience and effectiveness of Ukraine’s cyber defenses, adding that he was pleased that Russian cyber attacks were “much less impactful and effective than expected.”

According to him, Ukraine could have been “brought to its knees”, but this did not happen, but quite the opposite: Ukraine now has a defensive advantage that, according to the general, “is a true paradigm shift,” allowing the Ukrainian state to deter, reorganize and “use other systems to recover, all with considerable creativity and innovation” in cyber defense.