Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez warned against the rise of far-right political movements inside the EU and called for unity to fight what he described as “the rotten seeds Putin has planted in our countries.”

In a speech Tuesday at the World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Davos, Switzerland, Sánchez shared his concerns about far-right political parties being able to reach institutions and destroying the EU from the inside.

«Putin has many allies in Europe who are now hiding their sympathy and ties to Putin, but who only a year ago visited him and praised his methods. We must prevent these political forces from infiltrating and destroying the EU from within.» — stated PM Sánchez.

[Курсивом] The World Economic Forum (WEF) holds its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and it brings together leaders from various sectors, including business, government, and civil society, to discuss pressing global issues and potential solutions.