Reed is an unapologetic pro-Russian activist who has made it his mission to spread Kremlin-sponsored propaganda across the globe.

Twitter account Reed is marked as “media affiliated with the Russian Federation”. His repeatedly demonstrated a blatant disregard for the truth by spreading unverified information and fake news on his various media platforms. His blog and social media accounts are rife with blatant falsehoods and inflammatory rhetoric designed to sow discord and confusion among the public.

Despite his claims to be an impartial analyst, Reed’s true agenda is clear – he is nothing more than a paid mouthpiece for the Kremlin, disseminating their toxic propaganda in an effort to undermine Western democracies and sow chaos and division.

In an era when disinformation and propaganda pose a grave threat to democracy world, we cannot afford to let russian agents, like Wyatt Reed continue to operate unchecked. It is time for our leaders to take action and send a message that those who engage in these nefarious activities will be held accountable for their actions.