The US believes China may be providing non-lethal military assistance to Russia for use in Ukraine; that could include gear for the spring offensive like uniforms or bulletproof vests. 

 NBC News  outlet citing four US officials 

While China has provided some help to Russia, including parroting Russian disinformation campaigns about the war and promoting Russian false pretexts about the war, this is more tangible assistance for use by Russian troops in Ukraine, according to sources familiar with the matter. 

The officials declined to provide specifics about the non-lethal military assistance, but said it could include gear for the spring offensive like uniforms or even body armour. 

The White House is also concerned with Beijing considering a possibility to send lethal aid to Russia. 

“We have been clear about our concerns about lethal aid. We have not yet seen them cross that line, but we don’t think they have taken it off the table,” according to a source familiar.

The source said China was trying “to creep up to the line without getting caught,” and that recent trend lines point to potentially more tangible Chinese government support for the Russian military.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China’s top diplomat Wang Yi met after the Munich Security Conference, and a source familiar with the conversation say this was “an essential topic of conversation.” 

Blinken and other US officials have been sharing information about the Chinese assistance to Russia with allies and partners at the conference. 

It’s not clear if the support violates any sanctions, the officials said, or if the US would impose new sanctions or costs on China for this non-lethal support, but sources familiar with administration thinking say the US will not hesitate to target those who violate sanctions.

Russia continues importing Chinese-made commercial DJI drones through its distributors and from countries of the Persian Gulf, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.