At least since November 2022, the former correspondent of the Russian NTV TV channel Harry Knyagnytskyi has been working in the Russian service of the Voice of America.

His materials can be seen on the website of the American Foreign Service, Detektor Media writes.

While working for the Russian TV channel NTV, which is fully financed by the state-owned company Gazprom, which is under EU sanctions, Knyagnytskyi filmed propaganda stories about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a correspondent.

In particular, the material about the fact that the Ukrainian military allegedly guides artillery by the signal of the mobile phones of civilians. In the same plot, Harry Knyagnytskyi declares about the residents of the occupied territories: “If before there were still people among the residents of Kramatorsk who tried to stay away from what was happening and simply survive, today many of them are ready to take up arms.”

In free access, you can find several stories by Knyagnytskyi about alleged shelling of civilians by the Ukrainian army. For example, in the material from October 2014, the correspondent shows how the Russian militants will be “forced to shoot back”, otherwise a Ukrainian tank will destroy a residential quarter.

  • Kyiv Post reports that 15 Voice of America employees have already sent an open letter to American congressmen calling on the broadcasterʼs management to reconsider the appointment of Knyagnytskyi and another journalist, Daria Davydova. Her colleagues accuse her of legitimizing the annexation of Crimea. We know from the Media Detectorʼs own sources in the Voice of Americaʼs Russian service that the mediaʼs employees initially appealed to their own management, but it did not respond. So, according to the interlocutors, the appeal to congressmen was only a matter of time. At the same time, they also learned about the existence of the letter from the Kyiv Post publication and do not know who signed it.

Author: Sofiia Telishevska